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Berkeley Farm:
The Concept...

A small farm and plant nursery where the work is done by adults with learning difficulties – giving them the opportunity to be outdoors, meet other people and do something useful. By being involved in feeding the animals or tending to the plants, they gain a sense of responsibility and feel valued.

Berkeley Farm was founded in 1995, after Leytonstone House Hospital was decommissioned. We’ve created a space where some of the hospital’s former residents (and other adults with learning difficulties) can be supported during the day while being productive themselves.

The clients of Berkeley Farm come here to work and the project has evolved in response to their interests. Also, knowing that the plants and animals depend on them is hugely beneficial to their self esteem. We strive to create an encouraging environment where everyone can surprise themselves by how much they can do.

The Berkeley Farm Project

Meet the people that attend the farm on a regular basis, take a tour and see from our perspective what the Berkeley Farm Project, means to us.